June, 2014

posted Jun 7, 2014, 4:09 PM by Sparks RC

Just a quick update: The field is in fine shape, nicely mowed thanks to Frank, and the flying weather has been lovely. As usual, Sunday mornings and early afternoons are best if you want some fun companionship or would like to learn more about the club. Lately we've seen training, help with getting new transmitters to play nicely with new planes, and fortunately not many crashes. We've also welcomed some new members, so come on down and get your plane or helicopter out, or just watch and learn.

February, 2013

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November, 2012

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October, 2012

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September, 2012

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August, 2012

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July, 2012

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June, 2012

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May, 2012

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April, 2012

posted Apr 10, 2012, 7:02 PM by Sparks RC   [ updated Apr 10, 2012, 7:04 PM ]

Welcome to the April news letter of SPARKS, The Springfield Area Radio Kontrollers. Not too much to share this month.

NEXT MEETING: The next club meeting is Wednesday April 11, 2012 7p at The Knights of Columbus, 460 Granby Road, Chicopee. This will be our last indoor meeting, so the meeting on Wednesday May 9 will be at the field 6:30p due to early darkness (you'll get a reminder next month). Gigger will be cooking before May 9th meeting, so be sure to come!

AT THE FIELD: Recent windy weather made for more-than-the-usual amount of exciting flying these last few weeks, but members continue to gather at the field to fly, shoot the breeze, and in general solve the world's problems. (Or cause some, depending on who you talk to.) I had the opportunity to brush up on my tree-climbing skills to snag a wayward plane out of a pine, proving that the hobby combines all kinds of diverse skills. The field is not too bumpy, but it'll be nice to have it rolled out soon.

CHICOPEE-FEST-OF-ALL: Thanks to a team effort we now have a slot at the Chicopee-Fest-Of-All ( on Saturday June 30 from 3-5p (weather permitting) to share our hobby and promote the club. Any members willing to put a plane on display (gas, nitro or electric) or fly an electric plane or helicopter, or to just stop by and talk to the visitors at the Fest about our awesome hobby, hand out brochures, or help out in any other way, please contact Gigger by email or phone (, 413-887-7769). It will be lots of fun! We will be discussing this event more at our next and final indoor meeting on April 11th.

Happy flying,


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